Pyer Moss

2018 is Kerby Jean-Raymond’s year. The Founder and Lead Designer of PYER MOSS is debuting his first collaboration collection with Reebok this season at Spring Studios, as well as the Pyer Moss Fall/Winter 2018 collection sans business partners.

Kerby took full ownership of his brand from his partners in 2017 and officially entered into a partnership with Reebok in the same year. To mark the new beginnings of the label, Kerby unveiled “the most magnificent durag of all time,” which is co-branded with Reebok, and he also released videos of rappers Vic Mensa and Kari Faux ripping up old contracts and documents and burning old clothes.

The bad juju is gone, the dead weight is lifted, and we expect Pyer Moss to take off into another stratosphere this year. This didn’t come together overnight for Kerby and his brand.